Recently, there have been many new and innovative collector coins minted at the Canadian Mint. There was numerous coins and stamps produced to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic including a 50 cent coin, a set, and even a proof silver coin. The newest innovation produced at the mint is the Gow-in-the-Dark Dinosaur coin which shows the alive dinosaur in normal lighting and the skeleton in the dark. The Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai dinosaur coin is the first in a 4-coin series. Finally, the mint produced new $1 and $2 coins with upgraded security features and edge lettering on the toonie. Check out the new features at this website: 
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Just a few weeks ago I went to my local bank and purchased 5,000 Canadian Pennies for $50.00 (face value) and took them home to be checked. I mostly look for older dates (pre 1960), errors, world coins, and wheat cents. A lot of people hoard pre 1996 Canadian pennies because they have a value of 2.5 cents in copper but, I choose to mainly invest in silver so I don't keep them. My best finds was two 2006 NO-LOGO (magnetic) pennies in MS-63 condition. These coins are valued at $100 each! I also found over 30 pennies dated before 1960 with the oldest being 1930 (has a portrait of king George V). After I finished searching all of the pennies, I kept 100 coins (FV=$1.00) valued at $230.00!

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