Just a few weeks ago I went to my local bank and purchased 5,000 Canadian Pennies for $50.00 (face value) and took them home to be checked. I mostly look for older dates (pre 1960), errors, world coins, and wheat cents. A lot of people hoard pre 1996 Canadian pennies because they have a value of 2.5 cents in copper but, I choose to mainly invest in silver so I don't keep them. My best finds was two 2006 NO-LOGO (magnetic) pennies in MS-63 condition. These coins are valued at $100 each! I also found over 30 pennies dated before 1960 with the oldest being 1930 (has a portrait of king George V). After I finished searching all of the pennies, I kept 100 coins (FV=$1.00) valued at $230.00!

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